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Event Inquiry?   Please see the event form under events page.

Other Inquiry? is the best way to reach us!

Vendor Inquiry? 

Market Application

Hello Artists!
Thank you for being interested in selling at our
future markets

Please take the time to fill out the information below.
Booth fee is 10% of Total Sales.
Square POS is a Necessity. 
8x10 Booths 

Biome Slow Craft
Studio Space Application

1 Small Studio Space available June 5th
1 Medium Studio Space available June 5th
1 Large Studio Space available June 5th

We are looking for dedicated FULL TIME artists that would like to create in positive shared community space. Artists that are wanting to collaborate with others, that are interested in working in the shop and possibly teaching workshops.
We are charging a $10 fee for application processing.
A security deposit will be expected for the rate of your rental fee.

Small Studios $200-$250
Medium Studios $250-$300

Large Studios $300-$500

All studio rentals will have 24/7 access to the studio. Rent is due on the 15th of every month.
We are not taking ceramists or jewelers that work with an oxyacetylene torch (only mini torches)

If you are have any further questions please call the shop
at 406-577-2121 and we can chat!
Feel free to come by the shop Tuesday - Saturday 12-5pm to look at the space. 
Thanks so much for making this community amazing!

What Studio Space are you interested in?
If available would you trade studio space fees for....
How much of your income is selling art?
Workshop Application 

Please fill this application out if you are interested in teaching workshops here at Biome!
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