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What is Slow Craft?

: The Slow Art Manifesto : 

To strive for appropriate excellence in the making process.


To make objects that enhance the life of the user.

To know the origins of our materials, ensuring that they respect the country and the communities who produced or harvested them, and are from sustainable sources.

To make objects that will last, can be easily repaired when necessary and are made using materials and processes that do not harm the makers, the community or the environment.

To deal with our co-workers, clients, suppliers and sellers in an ethical and fair manner.

To foster, utilize and pass on skills that enhance the making process.

To enjoy and relish the way of slow making.

A movement has begun to honor and preserve the art of slow crafting. Despite the convenience and presumed desire for expedited everything, there is a revived yearning for authenticity. For raw, artisanal, handmade, one-of-a-kind, sustainable creations.


Living authentically is living artfully. 


Dennae Tirrell

Dennae opened The Biome in September of 2020. After working on her own jewelry business for several years, she is excited to offer more opportunities to fellow artists and the community of Bozeman. 

Follow us on Instagram @biome.slowcraft
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