Note* Colors Vary from light tan to light maroon. Please call the shop or DM on instagram for more information/pictures. 


Raw Silk Bandana with hand formed ceramic Bolo 



Mariah from Local Earth Studios

My journey to natural dyes started with synthetic dyes. I fell in love with the satisfaction of seeing color seep into fabric and the ability to create pattern and design using different techniques such as shibori, batik, and tie-dye. However, as my love and attention for the natural world grew, so did my curiosity about the materials I was using. Where exactly, does this color come from? It turns out, most of the dyes used today are petroleum-based and create a host of issues for humans and the environment. Instead, I can walk out my back door and find endless joy in the colors provided by nature.

Local Earth : Natural Dyed Bandana : Ceramic Bolo